It is widely acknowledged that educators across all sectors but more importantly adult educators and trainers face many challenges as they deal with increasingly complex and diverse learning situations and meet competence demands in a constantly changing work environment with the evolvement of new technologies, a constantly changing labour market with highly technical demands for skills and a challenging socio-economic context.

As a result, there is an urgent need for Adult Educators is to enhance uptake of ICT in teaching and learning, to promote stronger coherence between the needs of the labour market thus achieving a better skills match for their adults and bridging the gap between the education and the world of work. Providing attractive, effective and efficient high-tech possibilities for training helps Adult educators/ trainers to address skills deficits and update their competences throughout their career based on the current needs of the labour market and the economy are the main tasks of the project.

The EU 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth acknowledges LLL and skills development as key elements in response to the
current economic crisis, to demographic ageing and to the broader economic and social strategy. The economic crisis has highlighted the major role which Adult Learning (AL) can play in achieving the EU 2020 Targets, by enabling adults to improve their ability to adapt to changes in the labor market, family and society. Recent statistics show however that AL is currently the weakest link in developing national LLL systems. Participation in adult learning has raised only to 10,7 % in 2016, thus making the increased ‘ET2020’ target of 15 % by 2020 a greater challenge for all MS.


The Project

Based on the above the project aims to provide adult educators/trainers a comprehensive professional development programme for upgrading and up-skilling their digital skills which will be offered as an in-house training and pilot-tested as on-line tool. During the implementation of the ICT training Adult Educators’ progress will be carefully monitored, whereas at the end validation through the use of the OPEN BADGES system will be offered.
Endorsement procedures will be taken by the consortium in order for the Adult Educators to have by the end of their training a valid recognition of their new digital skills. Europass and participation certificates will be provided, whereas efforts will be taken to utilize the mechanisms of EU tools such as ECVET and EQF.

The direct target group is Adult Educators involved in adult learning who will upgrade their digital skills and use of technology, whereas the indirect target group is adult learners, who will benefit from digitally literate teachers through the provision of high quality adult learning.



  • extending and developing educators’ competences, particularly in the effective use of I T in adult learning, for better outreach and improved learning outcomes.
  • using open and innovative training in the digital era, use of ICT to outreach disadvantaged groups,
  • support synergies between education, research and innovation activities, the digitisation of quality learning content and promote the use of ICT as a driver for systemic change to increase the quality and relevance of training at all levels.
  • introduce new mechanisms for the recognition and validation of the digital competences acquired n order to achieve visibility, transferability ad transparency
  • Inclusive training, addressing diversity, developing social and civic competences, media literacy, combating discrimination, reducing disparities affecting disadvantaged learners in order to enable access

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