Fundacja Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji

Project Manager:

Renata Ochoa-Daderska

Project Coordinator:

Luis Ochoa



Foundation “Research and Innovation in Education Institute”  [INBIE] is a NGO Institution founded in 2014. The aim of the foundation is to promote equal educational opportunities to all social groups, to fight against social exclusion and support people at risk of marginalization, making them activate through comprehensive development, improve efficiency and quality of life.

INBIE cooperates closely with educational Institutions,  local authorities,  sport and tourism promotion bodies and SMEs.  Staff and experts from our Institute are academic and research staff from the Higher Educations’ institutions from the region. The areas of expertise are: ICT applied to Education and Entrepreneurship.

Our staff has experience in European project management and Innovative project development as they are part of academic and research staff from European Universities.

Main activities are:

1. Research in the field of Information and Communication applied to education, culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions, care and social assistance.

2. Leading national and international scientific workshops, educational activities, conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, etc.

3. Organizing trips and stays for administrative and research employees in order to foster cooperation and experience exchange.

4. Establishing cooperation with national and foreign institutions that has similar activities.

Publishing activities with the aim to implement the statutory objectives: analysis, publication and dissemination of the results obtained from the research.



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