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The «Emphasys Centre» began operating in 1998, as a related company to «A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd» (due to common ownership), a successful company specialising in consultancy, software and support services in the field of ICT.  It currently operates as an «ICT Educational and Vocational Centre» and a «European Research Centre», that cooperates closely with various organisations in Europe for the implementation of EU projects.

The «Emphasys Centre» is approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as an Educational and Vocational Centre specialing in the field of ICT.  It is authorized by the ECDL Foundation and the Council of Europe Information Scientists (CEPIS) to offer speciliased training courses for the acquisition of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), whereas its staff is ECDL Certified Training Professionals. The «Emphasys Centre» functions also as an Examination Centre for the Cyprus Computer Society  and is authorised by the British Council of Cyprus and the Cambridge International Examination Board to teach GCE A’ Level Computer Science and organise various exams, as an approved examination centre.

The «Emphasys Centre» offers courses to learners of all ages interested:

  • To acquire professional qualification such as the ECDL, the “European Computer Driving License” diploma which is approved, validated and accredited worldwide, as a valid certificate of ICT (EQF Levels 3, 4 and 5).
  • To acquire qualification to enter higher education such as the the GCE A’ Level Computer Science of the Cambridge University or national exams.
  • To participate in professional development programmes for employment, in-service or custom-made training or courses designed for employees of various companies and organisations in the private and public sector based on their ICT needs and requirements.
  • To participate in professional development through participation in the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility for Individuals.
  • To enrich their personal development and the acquisition of the necessary basic digital competences necessary to support the needs of everyday lives and upgrade the quality of living of various groups of people such as retired people, senior citizens, NEETs, parents, etc. through participation in digital courses.

Validation and certification of the non-formal learning is provided, as all exams taken are external and are accredited by European Examinations Boards.

The «Emphasys Centre» offers also:

  • Career guidance and counseling services to young people and students, as well as counseling and special support to all learners according to their needs (Early School Leavers, Young unemployed people, Special Educational Needs, etc.). Further support is provided to students with learning difficulties and developmental problems, by detecting their special needs and providing individual help through appropriately designed rehabilitation programmes.
  • Development, design and implementation of various ICT courses for the public authorities: The Centre has great experience in the development of training courses for the professional development of various groups of people.
  • It has cooperated with the Cyprus Ministry of Education for the provision of in-service training courses to all ICT secondary school teachers
  • It has also been involved in a National Programme funded by the European Social Fund and coordinated by the Ministry of Labour which aimed to design and offer specialized ICT training courses to low skilled adults and young people (mainly NEET) in order to upgrade their digital competences to be able to meet the needs of the labour market
  • Organisation of seminars, presentation, discussions, mobility (local-regional) for various issues of concern of our target groups, i.e. Seminar on Active Ageing and Intergenerational Learning, Senior Citizens and Youth: Links and prospects, Internet Security, Careers Orientation, etc.

The «Emphasys Research Centre» cooperates closely with several organisations for the preparation, implementation and management of various EU projects in the field of education, training and youth with a special focus on the digital era.

It also:

  • Provides consultancy services for the preparation of proposals especially for the Erasmus+ programme in all sectors and types (from KA1 to KA3).
  • Provides support and guidance for the management of EU projects to schools and NGOs.
  • Has a strong network of organization at the local, regional and national level for the promotion of EU project and initiatives.
  • Designs and promotes dissemination strategies for the results of various EU projects for further exploitation valorization.
  • Promotes the design, pilot-testing and implementation of innovative e- tools that enhance quality teaching and learning.
  • Takes up initiatives to promote the value and importance of the recognition and validation of key competences and skills gained in non-formal learning activities.
  • Supports the quality provision of lifelong learning opportunities for all: young children youth, adults and seniors.




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