RIC Novo mesto (Slovenia) organized in-house pilot trainings of the project UPSKILLEAD (Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead) in the period between 18th April and 4th May 2018.  There were 15 participants involved. We introduced them also to our e – Academy and the procedures of getting the badge. The main aim was to upgrade skills connected to the designing of web pages and to get their suggestions for improving this module. All participants finished training course successfully with gaining the badge. Participants were satisfied with the acquired new knowledge and they are motivated for upgrading skills connected with other modules developed during the project.

On-line pilot course was organized between  9th May 2018 and 30th July 2018. Before the training we motivated participants for e-learning during implementation of workshop, where we presented the project, developed materials (especially the Graphic design module) and benefits from getting the badge. All 15 participants of the pilot training enrolled in E-Academy in the Graphic Design module. All participants completed the course, some participants also got the Badge. Their feedback on the content of the e-learning and procedures of getting the badge were used in the process of improving the e-material (the Graphic design module). One participant of this training (Agnieszka Natalia Mravinec) was also recognised as “best practise” and her story was presented in a promotion video (About the project Upskillead) at the final conference of the project.



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