Research and Innovation in Education Institute [INBIE] from Poland organized the in-house pilot trainings of the project “Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead” from 23 May to 06 June 2018. The “Internet Security” in-house training course sets benchmarks for the basic Internet Security skills required to maintain a secure Internet presence.

16 trainees participated in the course and all of them were keen in learning how to use the Internet safely, manipulate data and information in the appropriate manner. Before the training course, all participants were introduced with the materials and Moodle platform. First we printed the training materials to make easer the  training and later they try the course on the Upskillead online academy platform.

Online courses were implemented with them after successfully implemented the in-house training. This make all participants to have an inside of Moodle platform and how to implemented in their teaching activities. Most of the participants liked the “blended learning methodology” because things could not be discussed on the lessons could be implemented online.


Fundacja “Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji” INBIE held the multiplier event “UPSKILLING ADULT EDUCATORS FOR DIGITAL LEAD” with  63 attendees. The event presented the project to the local – regional and international level – Adult Educators Value Digital Development for high quality provision of Adult Learning.

Important topics discussed and analysed during this multiplier event were:

  • Brief introduction of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project
  • UPSKILLING ADULT EDUCATORS FOR DIGITAL LEAD: How the project was developed and implemented in the partners institutions and specially in Poland [Research on Adult Learning – Design of the Open Badges – Training Material – OPEN BADGE system – e-learning platform
  • Practical presentation of the E-learning platform – – and six courses developed by the partnership. Invitation to participate in all courses was promoted
  • Ways to use and exploited the products in the future: sustainability aspects

The event finished with a discussion panel and feedback from the participants who shown a lot of interest in our e-academy platform and the possibility to use our materials in their own courses.



On 29 June 2018, Pixel organized a Multiplier Event entitled “The Role of ICT in Adult Education”. The event, held at Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, was organized in the framework of the European project UpSkillead (Upskilling Adult Educators Digital Lead).

The multiplier event was organized with an opening speech by Joseph Vancell (University of Hull) on “E-learning and adult education: Where are we now?” and an introduction to the UpSkillead European project by Antonio Giordano (Pixel).

Then, participants – who had already suggested ideas and proposals – were split into 3 groups and had the opportunity to discuss on the following topics: how to enhance adult learners’ motivation; the role of soft skills in adult education; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the relationship between adult education and ICT.

Finally, a representative of each group was asked to summarize up the main results emerging from the common discussion. More information about the European project entitled UpSkillead is available at:



RIC Novo mesto (Slovenia) organized in-house pilot trainings of the project UPSKILLEAD (Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead) in the period between 18th April and 4th May 2018.  There were 15 participants involved. We introduced them also to our e – Academy and the procedures of getting the badge. The main aim was to upgrade skills connected to the designing of web pages and to get their suggestions for improving this module. All participants finished training course successfully with gaining the badge. Participants were satisfied with the acquired new knowledge and they are motivated for upgrading skills connected with other modules developed during the project.

On-line pilot course was organized between  9th May 2018 and 30th July 2018. Before the training we motivated participants for e-learning during implementation of workshop, where we presented the project, developed materials (especially the Graphic design module) and benefits from getting the badge. All 15 participants of the pilot training enrolled in E-Academy in the Graphic Design module. All participants completed the course, some participants also got the Badge. Their feedback on the content of the e-learning and procedures of getting the badge were used in the process of improving the e-material (the Graphic design module). One participant of this training (Agnieszka Natalia Mravinec) was also recognised as “best practise” and her story was presented in a promotion video (About the project Upskillead) at the final conference of the project.



RIC Novo mesto (Slovenia) and DRPD (Slovenia) organized a Multiplier Event of the project UPSKILLEAD (Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead) on 16th May, 2018.

Main aim of the Multiplier Event was to present results of the Upskillead project, which offers free education platform, providing ICT courses after which participants receive Open Badges to certify their knowledge.

The focus of the event was to ensure continuity, sustainability and exploitation of the products and results of the project. Over 70 professionals and stakeholders participated in the event. We invited them to participate at the initiatives taken to sustain the project, results and the  “National Network of Open Badges Digital Adult Learning” to be set up.

Guests were welcomed by Gregor Sepaher – Director of Development and Education Centre Novo mesto and Tina Strnad- the leading project co-ordinator.

After the introduction, presenting the project platform and result we organized workshops:

  • Increasing visibility in a learning society with computer competencies
  • Role and empowerment of employees through consulting and training
  • ICT partnership in the service of the non-governmental sector
  • Increase the visibility of your business through LikedIn
  • Increase your visibility through Facebook

All of the participants joined the Rudolph`s raft on the Krka river, where we had an opportunity to disseminate Upskillead project to the general public.




The Final EU Conference of the Erasmus+ KA2 Adult Project “Upskillead – Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead’ was organized by the Emphasys Centre on the 20th of September 2018 at Altius Hotel, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The conference was highly successful and managed to attract the attention of many adult educators, parents, teachers, adults, senior citizens and students.

During the conference, Dr Daria J. Kuss, Senior Lecturer- Chartered Psychologist at the Nottingham Trent University gave a speech on ‘Internet and gaming addiction: Challenges and Recommendations’. The topic was closely related to the ‘Online Safety’ Module developed aiming to promote the digital literacy and digital citizenship of all EU citizens.

The 2nd part of the conference was devoted to the project’s rationale, objectives, products and results. The project UPSKILLEAD offers a comprehensive professional development programme, which aims to extend and improve adult educators’ ICT competencies.

All the participants were invited to register and explore the on-line environment which integrates the assessment tool of Open Badges, as part of the workshops prepared by the consortium. A promotional video was also presented opening up the route for the exploitation and sustainability of the project.





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In the last months, Upskillead project partners have implemented ICT courses in Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy. Together more than 100 participants had the opportunity to learn more about Online Safety, Graphic Design, Moodle, Social Media, Interactive White Board and Web Design, both in in-house and online courses.

From 2nd- 4th July in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, Association Euni Partners has organized intensive ICT training on Graphic Design within the project “UPSKILLEAD: Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead”. During the training, participants got acquainted with basics of Graphic Design, created their own logo, learnt how to use Google Forms or design a business card. After completion of the training, teachers received Open Badge Certificate, which validates their new digital skills.


The first multiplier event of the Upskillead project has been organized on 6th July in Blagoevgrad by Association EUni Partners. All participants of the in-house training, adult educators and other stakeholders were invited to hear more about the aims of the project, ICT courses and the online platform. The participants received also instructions how to reach the e-academy and sign up for the courses.







The Professional Development Programme for Adult Educators organised  Emphasys Centre, as part of the Erasmus + UPSKILLEAD project which is coordinated by the RIC Novo Mesto lasted between the 18th of June and the 22nd of July 2018.

The Adult Educators who participated in the Professional Development Programme attended the LMS – Moodle course during one intensive week.  During the week the educators had the opportunity to:

  • Develop an online course in Moodle platform, or any other LMS.
  • Create assessments in different forms (such as quizzes and assignments)
  • Use the methodology of the OBs for the assessment and validation of her own courses
  • Create additional activities in Moodle (such as forum/discussion rooms, polls, etc.)

The main aims of the IT experts (mentors) were to to enhance the digital competences of the learners and trigger their interest on all the project’s modules.


TPM3 – C1 activity

The meeting was organised back to back with the short staff training activity between the 11th-16th of February 2018 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

During the meeting the consortium was working towards developing a comprehensive in-service training programme for Adult Educators and Trainers who would like to upgrade their digital competences. The programme consists of 6 modules: Staying Safe Online, Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Design, Learning Management System (Moodle) and Interactive White Board.

During the training the consortium has been focusing on the following:

a) presentation and analysis of the Open Badges system

b) presentation and analysis of the professional development programme – IO6

c) presentation and analysis of the e-learning platform which includes the Competences related to the Open Badges eco-system, the assessment procedure, the creation of Digital profiles, etc.

d)Mentor role and badge